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Financial Survival Tips for Those Too Sick to Work

If you’re too sick to work, you’re probably entitled to receive statutory sick pay.This can be a huge help, but it’s typically not adequate for you to live on, especially for a considerable length of time.Luckily, there are several other forms of help that can let you ride out financially when you’re just too sick to work.


As a safety measure, you should consider getting sick pay insurance from a reputable insurer. This can cover your bills during your illness.If you are self-employed and get no sick pay, this can be a nifty form of financial security.This is probably not much if you’re presently ill and in need more disposable funding, but the point here is to plan ahead.

Rights Awareness

Aside from sick pay, you could be legally entitled to receive other funding like disability benefits for specific chronic conditions. You could look into legal compensation as well if you were injured in some accident that was undeniably caused by another person. There are several lawyers out there who handle with such types of claims. This compensation can help fund time you spend outside work and even for medication.

Online Income

If you’re not that ill and you can still use a phone or a computer, you can explore small ways of earning cash through the Internet.For instance, you can take online surveys for a fee, or if you can create graphics or write articles,there are also several freelance opportunities that require such skills.Thesesmall jobs can often be done at home in your time and aren’t even physically intensive.

Selling for Cash

You might be able to go through some of your unused stuff while you’re sick (if you’re not that sick to do this of course), and you might find some that you can sell for a bit of extra money.There could be things of value that you can offer sites that let you sell your stuff to local buyers and arrange a pick up so you need not leave your house.You might even be able to make some cash from old and unused furniture or electronic devices.Just see what you have and be decisive.


If you’re dealing with serious financial issues, you can check if you are eligible to receive financial assistance from any local charity.There are lots of charities that give help to those who are ill with no support or people who only make up to a certain level of income.If you’ve been holding back because of pride, it may be about to stop.

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